What people say about our courses

‘This course is for anyone who dreams of writing but has difficulty finding time in their lives for it….I now have something on the go and… I can do a lot in five minutes!’ Charlotte, Actor.

‘I’ve gained determination to carry on, the ability to just pick up my writing every day. I’m so glad I did this course. I would do it again in a heartbeat.’ Fran.

‘I found the structured suggestions and feedback the most helpful parts of the programme.’ Peter.

The most helpful for me were the writing gems – words of wisdom – and the deadlines. Everyone would benefit from doing this course. You are so encouraging, I think you could get anyone to write. Those who are blocked, and those who have always wanted to.’   Saffron, Literary Manager.

“… the focus is on the process of writing, what helps, what hinders… figuring out what my own process is …. thank you for everything. I truly believe in myself as a writer and feel confident in telling people I’m a writer and what I’m working on.”

Karen M., on attending Josie’s course Getting it Written.


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